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Aug 162009

Last weekend I was in Toledo, Ohio for Spike’s wedding. The wedding went very smoothly. I think I’ve finally recovered from my 1208 miles in four days of driving. It was fun to see “old” people from my grad school days.

Strickler-Nelson Wedding Photos
John (aka Mr. Photo) contemplates the next arrangement for the bridal party.

I put up a few of my shots on Flickr. Black and white make everything look better. Right? 🙂

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Aug 092009
  • Start/End. #potd #
  • Tux Trip. #potd Heading to Toledo for a wedding. Had to go get tux. #
  • Cart. #potd Picked up snacks at super market for trip tomorrow. #
  • 80 miles from Ohio…I think. #
  • First rest stop in Ohio. #
  • Made it to hotel in Toledo. Wedding tomorrow – not mine 😉 Gorgeous weather. #
  • I was jogging with U of Toledo football team. #2 is really fast. #
  • Toledo. The view from my hotel room. #potd #
  • Heading off to wedding. #
  • Photo stuff ongoing. #
  • Rest stop in middle of Ohio. Farm country. #
  • Back from Ohio. Looking forward to my own bed again. Four days behind on NYTimes. I’ll never catch up! #
  • 1200 miles in the past 4 days. And only 20k in the past 8 yrs. Now I’m ready for some football. #
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