Sep 262010
Sep 192010
  • Out There #
  • Got a new iPod Shuffle today with Ready, Set, Go! engraved on it. I now feel motivated 😉 Happy that I feel good after 21 mile run on Sat. #
  • Bug Eye #
  • I'm feeling exhausted. Work whipped me. Thought about running tonight, but will wait for tomorrow. #
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  • Midweek treat. — at Cafe Cubano #
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  • Did 8 miles at 9:02 pace last night. 5 miles is goal tonight. #
  • I can't begin to say how much I don't want to go out for a short 5 mile run. But off I go… #
  • Run was tough. 5 miles at 10:02 pace. Body probably still recovering from 21 miler on Saturday, and allergies steal all my energy lately. #
  • Shot #
  • Two weeks and two days until my first marathon of the year! #
  • Barn #
  • Heading out for a 9 miler. Nice cool morning, will try to relax and enjoy it. #
  • Nice! RT @nullsession: I'm off to Big Brothers Big Sisters to mentor kids in science. #
  • 9 miles at 8:26 pace. Felt decent. Now going to stretch and nap 🙂 #
  • I'm at Bodo's Bagels, Preston Ave in Charlottesville, VA #
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Sep 122010
  • Off to take a shot at my 18 mile run on this nice cool morning. #
  • I managed 20 miles at a 9:31 pace. Gotta love a cool day. Time to go get some food! #
  • I wish.That would really help my time 😉 RT @nullsession: What are you, a cyborg? #
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  • 1 day late Sunday breakfast. — at Cafe Cubano #
  • Fingers #
  • I really don't want to go out running…but if I don't I'll regret it tomorrow. First step is to put down my iPad. Later… #
  • Five miles at 9:36 pace. Slower than my 20 miles on Sunday, but a superb loosen up run. Another 32 to 34 on tap for week. #
  • Beam #
  • I'm having a difficult time deciding which color my new iPod Shuffle should be. Blue, yellow/orange, or silver? #
  • RIP Once a useful site, now a CNET GUI disaster site. Long live MacUpdate. #
  • Spider Cross #
  • iPhone iOS 4.1 HDR vs Pro HDR app. My quick photo comparison. #hdr #iphone #
  • Agony of Defeat? My favorite photo from the UVA football game the other day. #
  • Off for my 8 mile run. Still not sure if I should go with Minnesota or New Orleans in first game of NFL season tonight. #
  • I REALLY want to go eat pasta at Tavola right now!!! Did my 8 miles at 8:47 pace. But alas…salad wins. #
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  • Old Lemons #
  • A bit of stretching before heading out for a looonnnng run. Hoping for around 20 miles. #
  • 21 miles at 9:25 pace. Very happy with my final long run! Ready for #marathon 🙂 #
  • 21 miles, dinner at Tavola, 2 beers. I will sleep like a rock! #
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Sep 082010

I took a shot using the new HDR feature in iOS 4.1 and compared that to a shot using the default settings on the Pro HDR app.

iPhone on left, Pro HDR on right.

The built in iPhone didn’t extend as far as Pro HDR did to both sides of the middle exposure. The low light level (early evening) created a bit of noise in Pro HDR, but that could be helped out in Lightroom or other editor.

pros: better picture (IMO), can adjust some HDR settings
cons: takes longer to get the picture

iPhone HDR
pro: fast
con: no adjustments can be made.

I’ll play with for different types of scenes/lighting in the future.

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