Mar 312011

My iPad 2 remains somewhere between Newark and me. Hopefully tomorrow. Since I survived Athletic Conditioning class I get to go eat at Tavola. Mmm. Weekend is almost here!

iPhone shot of the afternoon.

I wanted to go out for a run before the rain/snow tomorrow, but am not feeling it. I sense the onset of a lazy week (at least until Athletic Conditioning on Thursday).

Anyone doing the Race for Life 5k?

For those with iPhones that use Flickr and have the Tiny Planet Photo App, be sure to join this group. That thumbnail is the crane working on Water Street.

Mar 282011

Did athletic conditioning with the wimpy instructor and then made it through 2/3 of Kick-n-Cardio. At that time my exhausted calves and thighs asked me to stop. I did. Will probably do 8 mile run on Wed.

Sunday afternoon headache has settled in, but at least my iPad 2 is now "Prepared for Shipment." 😉

Photo – Snow on my hedge.

Photo – Cold flowers.

Snow! Love it.

Watched The Temptation of St. Tony. Unbelievable cinematography, but you really need to have a strong stomach to watch this Bergman-esqe good vs. evil sort of story. Let’s just say I wouldn’t lay big money on good.

Nice to be young and energetic like the college seniors 🙂

I smoked the 10 miler with a light and lively 7:05 pace and finished in 1hr and 11min. Beat my old personal record by 4 minutes! Better than I was hoping for 😉

Time to try to fall asleep. I can’t believe I have to be up by 6am. Getting some sleep is key to going for my PR tomorrow. Nighty night. Insomnia…stay away.

Photo – This started as a photo of a wine glass (and wine) with interesting lighting applied. Could call it a winey face 😉

Mar 272011
Mar 242011

That may have been the hardest athletic conditioning class ever. 160 pushups just weren’t going to happen. I stood there sucking air for a bit. The instructor will be running the 10 miler Saturday, and I think I can beat her at that….but nothing else. Time to hit Tavola for needed pasta/energy!

Photo – The tiny world of Barracks Road Mall.

Had to get up at 7:45 am for a doc appt. It’s so early – I had no idea this was part of the day. Please…make it go away and point me to my bed. Zzzzz.

Wow…I flip around on the tube and Michigan Tech is playing. Division 2 women’s basketball semifinal. Can’t say I ever thought I’d see the Huskies on tv (except maybe for hockey).

Did 7 miles at 8:10 pace. We’ll see if I can turn that in to 10 miles at 7:25 pace while I’m sound asleep for the race on Saturday morning.

Mar 212011

Did athletic conditioning at 4:30 followed by Kick-n-Cardio at 5:30. Had never tried those back to back. It was a good workout. Something tells me I’ll want to be asleep by 9:30. Decided to take the rest of the week off!

10 miles at 8:55 pace. One mile was backwards. I wasn’t feeling very lively either…a 3 martini/5 hour long happy hour was rough on this old man, but the weather last night was stellar.


Photo – Lunch on my favorite park bench.

Mar 202011