Apr 282011

10 am and I already feel like the sun is trying to burn me. Hope sunblock does it’s thing.

Photo – Why have we stopped you slow human. Spent afternoon out hiking local trails. Shot was taken with HDR Fusion iPhone app.

Did you get in the NYC Marathon?

Signed up for this. We’ll see how running at 5,800 feet goes. I think I’ll run kinda slow 🙂 Wasn’t Earth Day two weeks ago?

Photo – Coffee shop…one block ahead. 7:30am here, 9:30am in east. Body on east coast time. Wants some caffeine. Gorgeous 34 degree walk.

Snowing in Boulder. Nice.

Denver International Airport. Balmy 45 degrees. Me in shorts 😉

Apr 252011

I really feel like flying out of town without bringing anything other than running clothes, my iPad/iPhone, and a credit card. Make life simple. Maybe skip iPad. When will transporters be ready?

Made it through athletic conditioning. Came home and cranked the AC on. It’s turkey roasting temperature today. Off to Boulder at 5am. I better set my alarm.

Gearing up for run. 10 miles? More? Less? Include O Hill or not? Will making such decisions be harder than the run itself?

Photo – Sitting in La Taza on day off.

Apr 242011
Apr 212011

Survived Athletic Conditioning class and am now off for two full weeks. Next workday…May 9th 🙂

Did 5 miles at 8:02 pace in 82 degree heat. I feel like death warmed over. Time for ice cold shower, Tavola, and then wait for Redwings game.

Photo – Sunset and Plane.

Apr 182011

Did 8.25 miles at 8:45 pace. One mile of that was backwards, and for the last 2.5 miles I had my Bodos lunch with me.

Photo – Morning Hair.

Sure doesn’t take long to have someone buzz the vast majority of hair off your head.


That sure is a lot of rain on the radar.

Zocalo hit the spot earlier. Used Camera+ for this one.


Photo – Structure.

Apr 172011
Apr 142011

Survived Athletic Conditioning class. Master of Pain instructor was back. I couldn’t go all out…Mr. Hamstring is not happy. "I don’t hear those feet moving fast enough – I’d better hear something or we’ll have to do another 40 pushups." We moved faster, and then she made us do pushups anyway.


Photo – For those that like extreme HDR + tooning, here you go. Wild sunset tonight.

Hockey season has started. Go Redwings!!! (although I know reality…so many injuries)

Did 5 mile runat 8:15 pace. Unfortunately, I pulled my left hammy, which I’d never done before (always right in past). Ugh. Not good for running.

Today was the first time I had energy 10 minutes after athletic conditioning class. I mowed my lawn for the first time this year. Now I have no energy.

Apr 112011

Photo – Road to the Virginia countryside. Sure looks weird!

Photo – Don’t miss this party!

Did 11 miles at 7:55 pace. 4 miles of my own and then the last 7 miles of the C-Ville Marathon. Got free drinks and Goo, and people cheered me on 😉

Photo – Even when playing I think of work.

Apr 102011