May 292011
May 222011
May 152011
May 122011

Athletic Conditioning was unbelievably tough today. I don’t have enough energy to say more than that. Go Redwings.

Did a fast 4 miles at 7:30 pace. It was hot out!!! I’m still shocked I could do the 10 miler at 7 min pace…race vs workout always drastic with me.

Video – From the 5k in Boulder. I first show up on far side of track around 20:06 in a white shirt chasing a shorter woman. Then I roll through finish line around 21:05. White shirt, yellow hat. Good time for me at 5400 feet.

This is the worst spring for allergies in my entire life. I’ve been marginally functional for past five days. Feels like ragweed in the fall. I think plants are trying to kill me like in that M. Night Shyamalan movie..that no one saw 😉

May 092011

I’m debating if I survived athletic conditioning class today.

20 years later. Stability is a good thing. And so is Star Trek 🙂

Ended up feeling decent, but the heat/humidity was rough. This was one of those times where running in to the breeze felt nice. 11.2 miles at 8:29 pace, with a Bodo’s break at the 10 mile mark 😉

Off I go to run up and down Observatory Hill on my standard 8 mile course. Then I’ll see if I have a few extra miles in the tank. Prediction…9:10 pace. Not feeling it today.

I can’t believe how bad allergies are this year. My throat feels like it had been abraded with sandpaper all day. At least I hope this is allergies.

May 082011
May 052011

Welcome home, Doctor. Don’t forget to drop by the Omni for bacon & grits this morning.

Four painful miles at 8:48 pace. Now guess I should deal with that really old milk in my fridge.

Back in CVille. Gorgeous 62 degrees. Out for a short run, then shop, and then pass out due to time zone confusion/getting up at 4am this morning. And watch Redwings. That’s a lot if stuff.

Photo – Denver International Airport at start of the day.

Started day with 4 mile jog through mountain trails with Mojito (the dog, not the drink). Now sipping a latte on the patio of local coffee shop. Vacation 😉

Photo – I’m bored by the silly toy. What else do you have for me?

May 022011

A few snow flurries falling from the sky. Nice!

Did Earth Day 5k in 21:04 up here at 5,400 feet in the sky. That was my best 5k time in many moons. Had a 20 minute run going strong for the first two miles, but then my lungs began wondering where that lovely 500 foot oxygen was. After the race I couldn’t stop coughing for about 15 minutes. Ugh. Wound up running about 10 miles today for warm up and post-race. The other 7 miles were at about a 10:45 pace 🙂

Photo – Dog on Foot.

I’m feeling totally out of shape. No running in past week, no Thursday athletic conditioning with the instructor that enjoys punishing humans, and lattes that are much bigger than those in C-Ville. I’ll jog 3 miles Sunday morning to a 5k race, do the race, then jog back. Those 10ish miles will feel good.

Photo – Dinner & beer on patio.

May 012011