Oct 292011
Oct 222011
  • Brick/Leaf http://t.co/w4EPnoXN #
  • Siri, why are you down again? Ugh. I can't believe I'm already dependent on it. #
  • Dolphins truly are the worst team in the NFL. Jets…they are close. #
  • If the Dolphins don't get Andrew Luck – the world is criminalistic. #dolphins #suck #
  • It's hard to describe how bad the Dolphins are. I'm speechless. #
  • Suck for Luck Xtreme! #
  • I'm willing to bet the Dolphins won't be on primetime football again for 10 years. Worst team in history? #
  • Please go 0-16. Please. I can't live with this total bullshit any longer. #dolphins #
  • Will Sage R. now get in the game? If the Fins see the ball again. #
  • Only two Dolphins played tonight. YB and DT. #
  • When did the Dolphins last win a game 1996? 1983? 1894? It's so long ago I can't actually remember. #
  • Seriously, when did the Fins last win? I can't remember. This front office should've been cleaned out 2 years ago. Or last year. Or today. #
  • Fingers crossed. RT @AdamSchefter: Miami looked like a favorite, if not The Favorite, for Andrew Luck. #
  • I'm rather nauseas after watching the Dolphins game. It boggles me how Rex Ryan thinks the Jets played well. I could beat a cotton ball. #
  • Woof http://t.co/4R9hgdP7 #
  • Good news on River of News. iOS 5 updates coming soon http://t.co/XQof7NF7 #
  • Lunch/Bench http://t.co/yauuCN42 #
  • Did 5 miles at 10 min pace. Heavy cool drizzle. Not fun. #
  • Last step http://t.co/iB7tNwCQ #
  • ADP is shut a shitty site. I can't believe they won't support Safari on a Mac. #adpsucks #
  • Tough http://t.co/lR4Q0qFl #
  • Ultimate laziness on day off. Sitting in park eating lunch, now heading to get a latte. #
  • Climate Skeptics Take Another Hit | Mother Jones http://t.co/tLnmCJtI #
  • After the iPhone 4S, Android just feels wrong | ZDNet http://t.co/OR3NdT4D #
  • Burners http://t.co/ssmBanE5 #
  • Did 8 mile run at 9 min pace. NYC Marathon in 2 weeks! #
  • Fox News sure does a good job hiring former loser politicians. I'd call Palin the Queen and "I'm out hiking" Sanford as King. #pathetic #
  • Siri is down again. I really hope Siri isn't Mobile Me 2.0. #ineedsiri #
  • Untitled http://t.co/T6XSI9yu #
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