Nov 262011
  • Missle Command? #
  • Cat hat #
  • Cracks #
  • Cool, drizzly, and dark. Superb weather for latte, movie, and nap. Not necessarily in that order. #vacation #
  • Steve Jobs In Rare Video From 1998: β€œTV Turns Your Brain Off, PCs Turn Your Brain On” #
  • Drizzle #
  • Orange #
  • No. Dallas just didn't play until end. RT @ArmandoSalguero: Tough one for Fins. They were seemingly always one play away today. #
  • Dolphins truly suck. Who will the coach be next year? Who will the QB be next year? Will they win again in my lifetime? #DolphinsSuck #
  • Boggles me that NFL Network announcers saying Fins are a solid team. They are 3-8. Does solid = crap? Constipation? #
  • Pure BS RT @BenVolinPBP: Jerry Jones: "They were a tough, really tough team. Frankly their offense played better than I thought they would." #
  • Is it September 2012 yet? Looking forward to the next Dolphin game with any meaning. No more prime time for 3 yrs as a rough guess. #
  • Watch out! #
  • Off to do a 5 mile run. Right thigh and left hamstring are still trying to recover from the marathons. #
  • 5 miles at a 8:55 pace. Not too bad. It really was warm out. #
  • Thinking #
  • Watching West Side Story. 1961…those were some crazy times. Maria…say it loud and there's music playing… #
  • Siri / Wolfram Alpha trick lets you know what is flying overhead #
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