Jun 302012
  • Spider http://t.co/jJYPD8ac #
  • Falling Skies. How did I never notice a scifi show started a year ago? Oh well, I'll check it out tonight. #fallingskies #
  • I thought about running, I thought about swimming, and I thought about doing something productive, but I'm going to do nothing. #Monday #
  • Untitled http://t.co/RnrdSFvy #
  • Did 7.25 miles at lousy 9:30 pace. I've lost my desire to run. Need to get it back for marathons in fall. #
  • Lemons http://t.co/1Kxj25ei #
  • #futurama Made from 100% recycled pixels! #
  • Old Pfaff's 😉 http://t.co/0LFaXbyy #
  • Hmm…my nTelos DSL connection seems to be running at 0.11 Mbps download speed. Modem speed is not a good thing. #broken #
  • Whoops, nTelos is now Lumos. #
  • Me & My Foot http://t.co/J43qdaHw #
  • I was thinking of trying for a PR in the mile, but it's currently 97° outside, and I just did athletic cond – I think I'll pass on insanity. #
  • Where on Earth is my new Retina display iMac? #prettyplease #
  • Power is heavily fluctuating. Wind is intense. Lightning getting closer. #
  • These storms are really zipping along. I guess they don't like the hundred degree temperatures. #
  • Now 89,000 in area with no power. I really hope mine makes it through this one. #
  • Oohhh..about 2 seconds with no juice in that spurt. Heavily fluctuating power now in Belmont. #
  • Based on radar looks like the main line is almost passed. Keeping fingers crossed on power (aka air conditioning). #
  • Worst seems over and I still have power! More than 100k in area are without. #
  • Out of 182k customers in area, 102k now have no power. I'm feeling lucky! http://t.co/dr97sMha #
  • And power gone in Belmont. Oohhh…back! 1 minute outage. #
  • Power outages rampant. More than half million with no power in Virginia. http://t.co/dr97sMha #
  • Flower Shelf http://t.co/fqjVetiV #
  • Almost up to 30% of people in Virginia with no power. 500k in NOVA. #
  • Massive outages, record heat. Bad combination. http://t.co/9SU0nhfv #
  • I wonder if we get a repeat of the storms again tonight. That would be brutal. #
  • Lots of traffic lights out around downtown, main ones on. Bodos on 29 out, Preston is on. Long line! Downtown Mall/Bemont have full power. #
  • Word of the week is derecho. #derecho http://t.co/U41vN2wx #
  • My internet connection through Lumos lasted until 10am this morning. Out since then. At least cell tower is up. #
  • My Lumos (I still mentally call it nTelos) DSL has been down since 10am. At least I have power. #
  • A pointless little video, but it's hot outside! http://t.co/BzxOSaUE #
  • 3 million without power. Vastly bigger than expected is all I can say. http://t.co/sL1SjJwZ #
  • Yep. RT @juphoff …any other folks have Lumos (née nTelos) DSL in C'ville. I have green link but can't push bits…anyone else seeing that? #
  • Whoo hoo… My nTelos/Lumos DSL is back up. #
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