Oct 132012
  • Every single close call goes against Dolphins. Every single one. For the past three years. #
  • Fins have set themselves up for yet another loss. Defense has to do something they haven't done in years, get a stop in 4th quarter. #
  • Why can't Fins play D in 4th? Pathetic. Truly pathetic. #
  • Possible miracle…Bengals forgot how to kick! Now, do Fins know how finish a game? My guess…No. #
  • Unbelievably stupid play. Stupider than a grade schooler. Utter idiocy. #dolphins #
  • Miracle happens, Bengals hand game to Fins! #
  • Come on Apple…when are new iMacs going to get released? #
  • Come on Apple…when are new iMacs getting here. No invites? Come on! http://t.co/Az9LKCbz #
Oct 062012
  • If Dolphins could make a field goal they'd be 3-1. Instead, 1-3. Could really use some receivers…among other things. #
  • iTunes terms & conditions are in an infinite loop. iTunes terms & conditions are in an infinite loop. iTunes terms… #
  • I have 3 IDs. Please Apple: Merging Apple IDs still not possible. Now what? http://t.co/QWx6w1P8 #
  • Can't wait to see new version. “@iOSPhotoApps: @AppySnap is coming this fall 🙂 http://t.co/Cbpy2Q2M” #
  • Nice! Wish there was a contrast setting in there. — Fix iOS 6 Maps With This Simple Setting http://t.co/Mhpqrytv #
  • Stormy http://t.co/Qf8A9ide #
  • Special http://t.co/wevE6dat #
  • Rails http://t.co/zir8IzvK #
  • Evacuate http://t.co/LetqTlGA #
  • Birds/Poles http://t.co/EWbTCRdu #
  • Music Biz http://t.co/MH1oiF4V #
  • Monday http://t.co/rdjJVF1O #
  • Dew http://t.co/6wObLOgP #
  • Late night comedy and politics. http://t.co/JZZGemtS #
  • I heard Romney will buy my insurance for me. Sweet. #
  • Romney needs to learn what "stop talking" means. It doesn't mean "talk faster." #
  • Guard http://t.co/c4JMtunJ #
  • Romney just said private insurance ignores pre-existing conditions. #totalbull And what is up with his death boards? #
  • I'll fix our society, I just can't tell you how. Trust me. #
  • Romney told me that a magician will fix everything. Here comes a rabbit. #
  • You know that little dog of Paris Hilton? I'm now going to call it Mitt. #
  • Can you debate someone that says the opposite of their position? #
  • Truth! RT @LarrySabato: Well, I can easily identify one lie in this debate — Pres Obama: "You've done a great job, Jim." #
  • Romney's lips turned purple near end of debate. Lollipop? #
  • Microsoft is now hip. Event cut short after destruction of several PCs. http://t.co/CaKWno6Q #
  • Romney wins…if false information is considered winning. http://t.co/xVjrHh9W #
  • Sho’nuff? I think not. RT @OmarKelly: A nickname for #Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill is born http://t.co/elXKZ574 #
  • October. I’ve taken 1 day off so far this year. Would have been in Chicago next 5 days for marathon, but body broke 🙁 Will vaca at home. #
  • My new MacBook Air arrives today. A replacement for last week's new one with broken P key, so not really that exciting 😉 #
  • Airwaves http://t.co/pfkzh8fF #
Sep 292012
Sep 222012
Sep 152012
Sep 082012
  • "Rosie Ruiz Republicans" I know my best times. I've never run under 3 hours. Duh. http://t.co/eAbRtvlk #
  • Looking forward to it! River of News Blog: Submitted. http://t.co/cRAVz2Dr #
  • Why don't you just wear a helmet 🙂 http://t.co/Gg1jSvGT #
  • Apple…when are you releasing new iMacs??? I want one TODAY!!! #
  • LOL “@jbouie: Bill Clinton will end this speech by announcing the next iPhone.” #
  • Amazing speech. #Clinton #Arithmetic #DNC2012 #BarackObama #
  • He's the only one that can get applause from "arithmetic." http://t.co/gdGPGr0A #
  • My fav reader on iPad: River of News 1.6 is in the App Store http://t.co/nMxqXO5l #
  • Amazon is now out of stock on 27in iMac. I'm ready to buy a new one! http://t.co/xPDxJFQ5 #
Sep 012012
  • Update soon on River of News. My favorite iPad app. http://t.co/sfeobWqR #
  • Listening to Santorum makes me want to kill myself since I'm single and have destroyed our American society. #GOP #
  • Break http://t.co/wLBTIv9j #
  • Fizzy http://t.co/3umyS8kr #
  • Leg http://t.co/d37fY82C #
  • I really can't tolerate the GOPers continuing to say they build business all by themselves with no help at all. #BS #
  • Waiting to see Obama. #
  • Waiting to see Obama. http://t.co/1SJYu7dS #
  • Breeze feels really nice. #
  • Obama http://t.co/QQMfU9ME #
  • Yes. “@jbouie: Quick Twitter survey: Does Romney seem insincere?” #
  • That opening Romney remark saying GOP worked with others boggled me. How could he say that? #
  • Mitt knows America. We are all wealthy growing up and then we make even more money. If we fail we just get money from daddy. #
  • Mitt loves Steve Jobs? Must be the iPod playlist. #
  • Hey Mitt, where is my Romneycare? Did you forget to write it in your speech? #
  • Mitt has a plan…he just won’t show it to you. Trust him. #
  • Romney 5 step plan. 1) No taxes, 2) Jobs for all, 3) education for all, 4) cheap gas, 5) unicorns for all. #
  • Romney just declared war on four countries, including Russia. Nice! GOP loves war. #
  • LOL “@jbouie: RT @GabrielaRM: Really? Crowd laughs about "rise of the oceans" after having their convention delayed by a hurricane?” #
  • Seeing Obama yesterday was infinitely better than seeing Romney talk. #obama #cville http://t.co/DPAn8vCT #
  • Do Republicans really want us to go to war against Russia? Seriously. #
  • Romney officially distances himself from Clint Eastwood. “He was ad libbing and the crowd enjoyed it.” #
  • Romney Reinvents Truth http://t.co/NVGRWIsY #
  • I’m willing to bet that Clint + empty chair comedy sketches become very popular during the next few months. #
  • For Halloween I’m going to dress up as Clint’s empty chair. #RNC2012 #ClintEastwood #
  • Must buy Xmas gift for 2012 is Clint’s Empty Chair. Buy early! #RNC2012 #ClintEastwood #
  • Wrapped Up http://t.co/J0aGGwCS #
  • My calf is still killing me and even walking is painful. I really hope it starts feeling better soon. #chicagomarathon #
  • Congrats. RT @LeahCville: Exactly 29:00! Not bad for not seeing for part of the race! http://t.co/jcXYM8oD #
  • That time exists? RT @susanrfisher: I'm up at 6am on a Saturday. #exhausted #
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