Sep 022009

Back in June I went up to the NSCL for the FRIB dedication ceremony and an alumni reunion. I was amazed at all the construction that had taken place at the cyclotron, as well as campus. I managed to get in a video that is up on YouTube. My one and only video up there (at least that I’m aware of).

The NSCL has a full YouTube channel, so be sure to drop by if interested.

Aug 162009

Last weekend I was in Toledo, Ohio for Spike’s wedding. The wedding went very smoothly. I think I’ve finally recovered from my 1208 miles in four days of driving. It was fun to see “old” people from my grad school days.

Strickler-Nelson Wedding Photos
John (aka Mr. Photo) contemplates the next arrangement for the bridal party.

I put up a few of my shots on Flickr. Black and white make everything look better. Right? 🙂

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Feb 182009

I was in Minneapolis just before Christmas this past year. While wandering around one evening I noticed that the Christmas parade had started. It was close to zero and my fingers didn’t really feel like snapping any photos, but one group went by wearing red lights. I managed to at least snap one shot.

People wearing red lights during Christmas parade in Minneapolis

People wearing red lights during Christmas parade in Minneapolis

I really enjoyed getting a chance to spend a few days up there with both cold and snow (about eight inches came down that week).

Since this is the first photo I’ve posted I noticed I have a bit more tweaking to do on the style sheet. But that is for another day.