Feb 222009

Right now it is still in the 40’s during the day but in a matter of weeks that will be the 60’s. My daffodils are starting to poke out of the ground and I saw a robin yesterday. That can only mean one thing, running season is just around the corner.

I run during much of the year but it is never very nice if it is too hot or too cold. And every year I’m a bit older so my joints aren’t quite as happy with the runs. I started running back in the early 90’s after my second brain surgery. At that point I had put on a few pounds and between running and aerobics I managed to get back in decent shape. In 1994 I ran 54 5k races. Today I don’t do as many races, but I still run all the local ones (but there aren’t that many in this town). I’ve started enjoying longer (but slower) runs as the years pass.

Two years ago I attempted my first marathon. It was a great experience. I did it in three hours and fifty-two minutes. I was happy.

Picture of me (on the left) after the Richmond Marathon

Picture of me (on the left) after the Richmond Marathon

My knee has been bothering me for a few years but it felt decent enough during the run. It didn’t feel so good after the run! I saw a physical therapist for a few weeks during the winter and need to do more stretching and strengthening of my hip flexor area (or something like that). I’ve been working on it. My knee certainly hurts a bit less but my right hip has been a bit troublesome. Stretch and strengthen. I’ll keep working on it.

Running rolls along. I am currently working on cranking up the mileage. My typical run has been seven miles over the past few weeks. This weekend I did my longest run of the year. Ten miles. Felt like a long run, but at least my feet have toughened up. The first few seven milers of the year were rough on my poor feet.

The first few runs of the year will be the Martha Jefferson 8k, the Charlottesville 10 Miler, and the Charlottesville Half Marathon. I believe there are also two or three 5k races this spring. Later in the year I’m really hoping to run the NYC Marathon. I’ll also enter the Richmond Marathon just in case I don’t get in to the big one in New York. I definitely hope to complete one marathon this year.

With my bum knee I’ve also started doing some swimming. The first few times were brutal. I felt like a fish with no fins. I was sucking for air and stopping after about ten minute. I rapidly worked my way up to a full hour of laps. I haven’t done much swimming during the winter, but will start up again when I don’t freeze walking around in my shorts. I’m really thinking of doing a triathlon this year. I want to find one that is in fresh water. I’m not a fan of that salty stuff.

I’ll let you know how goes.