May 242009

I’d been using a really nice iBook G4 since 2005, and it was finally time to upgrade my laptop. I bought a gorgeous MacBook with an illuminated keyboard. The keyboard is really much nicer than I thought it would be! The unibody construction is also amazing.

My new MacBook!

My only complaint (as many others have said) is the glass screen. The matte screens that used to be on all Macs is preferable (at least to me). The only one you can get with a matte screen is the 17inch MacBook Pro…a bit out of my reach. I’ll learn to live with it.

I usually use Migration Assistant to fully pull over my prior self but I didn’t do that this time. The old G4 has been around a long time with an old processor, and I just decided to “stay clean” this time.

This is my first post from this new MacBook. How does it look 🙂