Apr 012009

The Charlottesville 10 Miler is this coming Saturday. I’m mostly ready for that. Today I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon in DC this fall. I’m also in the raffle for the NYC Marathon. They are just one week apart, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ve run a 5k and 8k so far this year (for timed races). My longest run of the season was a 14 mile run (half trail, half road) when I ventured on to part of the Rivanna River Trail. I’m glad it hadn’t rained in awhile, since much was on dirt. It was rather pretty.

While walking home this evening the sky had just started to clear. I snapped a photo of a sunset but while playing around a bit I decided the “negative” entertained me a bit more. It somewhat gave me a happy feeling.


Sunset over Charlottesville (Negative Image)

Sunset over Charlottesville (Negative Image)

Mar 102009

This building overlooks the entire downtown mall of Charlottesville. Everyone is wondering when/if construction will continue. It does provide some nice pictures in the current state. I adjusted the tone curves a bit, desaturated some color, and added a bit of split tone.

Two out of Three by Raman Pfaff, on Flickr

Two out of Three by Raman Pfaff

Mar 032009

One of our local buildings is the tallest thing in town. Construction seems to have stopped recently due to financial issues. A building in Poland has been under construction since 1975 and got the nickname “Skeletor.” Hopefully this hotel won’t do the same thing.

I took this shot late one morning when the clouds were breaking up over the building. When I read the story about Skeletor I immediately thought of this picture.

Looking up at a hotel under construction on the downtown mall of Charlottesville.

Looking up at a hotel under construction on the downtown mall in Charlottesville.

Feb 182009

I was in Minneapolis just before Christmas this past year. While wandering around one evening I noticed that the Christmas parade had started. It was close to zero and my fingers didn’t really feel like snapping any photos, but one group went by wearing red lights. I managed to at least snap one shot.

People wearing red lights during Christmas parade in Minneapolis

People wearing red lights during Christmas parade in Minneapolis

I really enjoyed getting a chance to spend a few days up there with both cold and snow (about eight inches came down that week).

Since this is the first photo I’ve posted I noticed I have a bit more tweaking to do on the style sheet. But that is for another day.