May 052009

I’m not sure when it happened, but I’ve gotten tired of the web. Twitter seems to be the hip thing right now. I’d followed Twitter for a long time (in web time that is) but somewhat refused to jump in. Eventually I did. I’m now starting to find I enjoy it more than the web. That probably isn’t is a good thing.

Renew Chuck

Twitter is truly fascinating. If I was writing a thesis in almost any topic I think I would use it. The vast amount of information (meaningful or not) getting tossed around is staggering and was highlighted by how quickly the picture from the “Miracle on the Hudson” spread through media channels via an iPhone and Twitter. I was reading a story in the NYTimes about scientists that used data from “Where’s George” to simulate how the swine flu might spread. Germs can travel on money. What travels along the Twitterverse? Social norms? Current trends? Micro-local news? I have a feeling if I dug around a bit I’d find quite a few articles about the topic (since it is the hippest thing in town!).

Looking for trends or finding people with similar interests can easily be done on Twitter since tagging a topic is very common, and one that I’m currently watching is #savechuck. NBC is stalling on a decision on whether or not to renew Chuck. In my opinion Chuck is one of the most entertaining shows on television. There has been an uprising of fans as there is almost every year when cancellations are getting announced, but Chuck seems to be the one the web has decided to focus on. There have been dozens of articles written in the past month asking if the new social sites can help fans save a show. In an interview in the NYTimes even the producer of the show was wondering if it could be saved.

If you ever want to see real-time messages on a topic you can just jump over to and enter a word or a tag. For #savechuck there is a lot of activity right now. I’m hoping the tag fades away for another year when NBC announces the renewal. Guess I’ll find out around May 19th. If you like the show be sure to let your voice be heard. Lots of help all over the web if you google “save chuck.”